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The past few months have gone by in a whirlwind of press features, fairs and new products. As I sit here about to upload Catriona Hall prints to our website, it makes sense to explain the link between the prints and our products.

Catriona and I look through her artwork and decide which images we think will make the most fun, eye catching images for our products. We have to consider a lot of aspects of an image, including colours, subject and the material we are printing on as well as the type of printing process and how that will affect all of the above. The subjects of the prints then go through a delicate alteration process before they end up adorning our products.

Dog & Dome Seal Wash Bag

We have been very intrigued to see which images capture people’s imaginations. The Staffordshire Spaniel has been quite a marmite dog, with people either loving or hating it. Some people have not realised that the spaniel image depicts a china dog, not a real one. They were incredibly popular in Victorian times and Catriona inherited a lot from a good family friend so they are dotted around the Dog & Dome base, hence why they ended up becoming a popular image used on our products. Below is an image which shows where the images for our Spaniel Cushion and Tea Towel originally came from.

 Dog & Dome Staffordshire Spaniel Cushion and Tea towel

The Lady Amherst and Golden Pheasant print, shown below, inspired the Pheasant Notebooks and the Wrapping Paper which shows lots of little pheasants dancing around, forming a fun, repetitive pattern. It has been such fun to see what different representations of Catriona’s work we can create. Known for its folk art and illustrative nature, we have been keen to keep these elements in the products we create. It is however interesting to see how printed on 3D products, the artwork takes on a different dimension, with a pattern element mixed in with functionality.

 Dog & Dome Pheasant Wrapping Paper and Notebooks 

We are constantly thinking of new ideas so watch this space for more designs this year and do let us know which of our products and patterns you like best. Thanks again for all your continued support.

Flora & Catriona

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